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Turkey's Gul makes second run for presidency

AKP- the islamistic party with a majority of the parliment seats in Turkey, want's to have their own candidate nominated for the precidency post- something that so far has been hindered by the more secular political forces in the parliment.

The constitution demands that 2/3 of the seats participate in the elections for a new president to be elected, something that the islamist failed to gather in the last election.

In the first two rounds, a candidate requires a two-thirds majority, or 367 votes, to be elected.
With 341 seats in the 550-member house, the AKP can be sure of electing Gul on the third ballot when an absolute majority of 276 votes is required.

This is done with the help of an election union with the ultra nationalistic party CHP (who boycotted the last election, hence hindering the election of Gul.)

Islamists and ultra nationalists hand in hand... Why am I not surprised? What a hoot it will be when Turkey is accepted as a member of the EU! And Brussels is demanding that the secular forces let go of the power before the nation is being let in. "Shudder!"


Blogger falcon_01 said...

"What a hoot it will be when Turkey is accepted as a member of the EU!"
No kidding! As if we were not funneling enough support to radical islamic nations as it was, now we will add another to the list...

So... about those surplus Swedish guns and ammo... ;-P

Thursday, 16 August 2007 at 16:31:00 CEST


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