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Who's to pay?

The Swedish migration board is counting on 40 000 asylum seekers this year, and just about as much in the coming five years annually.

Most of those are muslims (I would say nearly 100 %). Thanks to the very generous next- of- kin migration rules (I'ts estimated that every asylum seeker brings in three relatives on average), it would mean that we would accept around 600 000 people in the coming five year period!

It's also a well known fact that only 1 % of the asylum seekers are entiteled to asylum according to Swedish law. But! If you have entered this country- it's close to impossible to deport those people.

600 000 people! Put that in the perspective of Swedens total population of 9 miljon. And the absolute greater part of these people will not bring in any net tax money! Who's to pay for their use of public schools, healthcare and so on? I know. It's me! And the third of Swedens people who's actually paying in net taxes... We are braking our backs over the highest taxes in the world (54%), and for what? The possibilty of becoming a minority in our own country. Looking back at the track record of countrys letting in great populas of muslims- I know it won't be pleasant.

Before any one even begins: Muslims is not a race! Islam is an ideology! And as such, the vilest and most violent one ever! There are many fine muslims. It's just their ideology is not. And muslims ARE the biggest tax burden in Sweden. It is also true, that when the muslim population in a country gets to a critical mass- violence is evident...


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