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Bend your mind around this!

Another example of why planned echonomy does not work...

Every parent at the communal/public (state financed) preeschool were my son is placed, got an open letter from the principal.

She "Want's to remind us what rules there are considering children's care.

She means "That if you do not have ample "need" for childcare, you are not allowed to have it...
With "need" for childcare she means that you have to have a full time work or being a full time student. And implies that you have to be away from your home while doing it. She also states that "childcare is not to be for more than actual workhours and travel time"

Now, my line of work means that I usually does not begin before 12 o´clock.
It also means that I do a lot of work at my desk at home. (Let´s forget that I'm also a university student!)

At the same time the preschool demands for kids to be left off before 9 AM most of the days! (Because of activities).

Does this mean that I have no right for childcare?

Here's the kicker...

I'm paying for the childcare (around a sixth of my monthly salary)!
Of course it's state subsided, but who is paying in the taxes for the subsides?
Well I work in the private sector. I'm paying in net taxes. But the principal does not.

I wonder where she has placed her children?
Well Mrs principal. Guess what? I'm paying for that too!

For me it could in effect mean that I end up paying for childcare that I do not get!

Isn't it a wonderful system?


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

Welcome to the Brave New World, comrade!

Friday, 31 August 2007 at 13:21:00 CEST


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