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Chef won't serve Halal meat at Muslim wedding, gets reported for racism

First a little necessary background, so please bear with me:In Denmark we have a quite well-known female Islamist, Helen Latifi, who came to Denmark as a toddler and is now a med-student and a voice in the debate. She is a board member of an organization called Muslims in Dialog, an offspring of Minhaj-ul-Quran. On the board is also Abdul Wahid Pedersen, one of the traveling Imams stirring up trouble in the Mid-East last year. Helen Lafiti is about to get married (congrats!) with the Secretary General of Muslims in Dialog, Noman Malik.

The happy couple decided to order food for the wedding at a renowned restaurant, owned by the chef Ralf Dyrensborg. Alas, there was a minor dispute over the menu. Apparently the chef refused to prepare Halal meat for the party. According to Latifi's blog (link in Danish) there was an argument ending with the chef saying "I'm not serving any sh*tty Halal meat for You!". That's Helen's story anyway.The cook, not surprisingly has an other version (link in Danish):
I'm in no way a racist. I only expressed, that I would not serve Halal meat at the party!

Read it all over at Turban Bomb

But I must say... That many muslim womans are beautiful! Glad to se one that's not covered up! But for how long?


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