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"I´m prepared to offer everything for allah"

This is taken from Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish Daily). It is a translation by me (everything wrong is my fault), of an iterwiev with a muslim woman who made death threats towards the Swedish artist Lars Vilks after the infamous publishing of the Modoggie cartoons.

She live in a suburb/project in Gothenburg. Here she works and live with her family. She has allways been a believer, and from the past summer she has descided to live by the fundamentalist variant of her religion that she now follows.

[The article does not reviele what exact fundamentalist wing that would be- but she is clearly a muslim, and then you can draw your own conclutions!]

The mother of two children can not explain her transition to be a fundamentalist but she says that she is subjugating her self under the will of allah.

Nowdays, the woman dresses herself in a full Niqab, she allso covers her eyes with semitransparent cloth. [Which would make it more of a burqa!]

SVD meets with her just after a prosecutor/court has given her a fine for threatening Lars Vilks to his life.

Before the interview she prayes.

- I phoned Vilks and told him it was wrong. He said to me that I should accept the drawing because islam is a religion of love.
Then I said "No! islam means submission!"

During fall the woman kept on following the debate around Lars Vilks, and when the artist kept on defending his picture of the profet, she mailed a death threat to him. She still says that she stands by her threat.

- According to sharia law, the only law that I follow,, persons like that should be killed. It is a feeling that comes out of my love for the profet.

- Is it not hard for a person with your values to live in Sweden?

- Up to now, I have been able to do it. But it does not work anymore, because a majority of the Swedish people accepts that we are being ridiculed.

- Are there any country where you could think of living in?

- Afghanistan or Pakistan. Muslims have no future in Europe. Atleast not if they want to follow sharia. [Well darling. I will personally buy you a ticket to those hellholes. Just give me an adress. The sooner the better! But somehow I relly don´t think we will se her departure in the forseable future!]

- How does it work out with your family, do they share your convictions?

- So far, everything is good. But I´m willing to offer everything I have. I have nothing to loose. On the contrary, I´m winning every day. I´m fighting for my profet! [So you are willing to offer your own family because of the rambelings of a madman 1500 years ago? Good for you...]

-Are you active in any organisation?

I´m active in some organisations. I say what many would like to say but do not dare to. Some (people) has tried to put it all under a blanket. They sat down with Reinfeldt (Swedish PM) and then it was "all good". But it is boiling everywhere and Sweden will get knowledge of this.
[This is nothing more than another threat from a representative of "the religion of peace"! "If you do not submit to the religion of a madman- ummpf sorry, peace- then we WILL KILL YOU!"]

You writes to Lars Vilks that you will take contact with al-Qaida. Can you really do it?

- I do not want to answer that question.

-Why have you taken it upon yourself to threaten Lars Vilks?

- I had expected my muslim brothers to react. But nothing happened. I can on one hand understand that because you risk your professional aswell as your family life by doing what I have done. But someone has to take the responsibility. When I stand before allah, he would ask me why I had not done anything. [My holy XBOX! She is really a piece of work. I mean I like Romero movies and all that but this zombie is amongst the scariest I´ve ever heard of!]

-Most muslims say that it is only god that can cast judgements. What do you think about that?

- Those who say so, do not know their religion. There are muslims that knows what sharia says but do not follow the commands. They are hypochrites. And that goes especially for muslims in leading positions!

- Are you a dangerous person?

- No, not to innocent persons. [But who is innocent? That is what I want to know. Am I, an Agnostic white male an innocent? I need to know- from the whole muslim world. I demand it! Who is innocent?]



It´s so many thing wrong with this girl and the subject I just have not got the stamina to make a deeper analyzis of it all. But as you all are Intelligent, freethinking non-zombies, I´m shure you can figure it out by yourselves.

Be good now!


Blogger anticant said...

This lady is no different to a Jehovah-driven Zionist or a 'born-again' Jesus freak awaiting the 'Rapture'.

None of these religions are about peace and universal brotherhood. They are all about conquest and subduing hated unbelievers.

They are mentally unbalanced and fascist-minded. A plague on all their houses!

Sunday, 7 October 2007 at 20:11:00 CEST

Blogger pela68 said...

Well, in all fearness. I do not care WHAT people believe in; as long as they do not try to impose their beliefs on me!

And during the past century, we have got lost of a few supremacist and fascistic ideologies. I'm not shure that you could call Jews or christians supremacists- but islam defenetly is!

The main difference is that islam as an ideology not only is totalitarian in it's core, but also determenistic in it's values!

Socialism, national socialism, hard core zionists and fundamentalist christians can all be fought at an an intellectual level- not so with islamists...

Monday, 8 October 2007 at 00:24:00 CEST

Blogger falcon_01 said...

Anticant, the problem here is that those following the fundamental teachings of Jesus would NOT be radical violent extremists. Sure, people have done, and continue to do bad things in His name, but the words saying not to act that way are plainly written. It is always a case of sheep being misled... A true fundamental Christian is going to love God with all their heart, and love their neighbor as themselves... and live at peace with everyone as much as they are able.

As far as Islam goes, those people following the fundamental teachings of the prophet ARE supposed to be violent extremists... You just can't honestly compare the two when their teachings are polar opposites on so many levels.

Jesus said to let he who is perfect cast the first stone...

Momo just wants you to beat the crap out of or kill everyone who refuses to submit.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007 at 14:40:00 CEST

Blogger anticant said...

Jesus also said "By their fruits ye shall know them", and one can only observe what people do - not what they say. Religious intolerance from whatever quarter breeds self-righteousness, hatred, and war. There is far too much of it in the world today.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007 at 21:59:00 CEST


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