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Doris Lesssing

Doris Lessing got the Nobel Prize in litterature!
This is the first time someone have actually got the prize for work that I have read (before). I have read a number of books of of nobel laruates in hind sight.

Most of the Nobel prize winners are never heard of for the great masses (and might I say, never will be in the future) before they actually are rewarded with the prize.

The reason that I have read her at all is because I'm a Science Fiction NERD. I found her works pretty dull. It's just not something you would eat popcorn to- if you know what I mean. But any way, for once the winner is someone that I have heard of. Good for her!

On the downside; Al Gore was awarded with the peace price. The Norwegians just can't stop themselves can they?


Blogger pela68 said...

It did not take her long to shoot herself in the foot, did it?

"The IRA attacs was a lot more serious than 9/11"

Dear doris- More people died in just 2 1/2 hours on 9/11 than there ever did during 25 years of conflict in Northern Ireland.

I have a book written by you, sorrĂ½, I HAD a book written by you (I have never, ever burned a book before as a matter of principels, not even my copy of Mein Kampf- so be very proud of you being the first one...)

Being a Nobel laurate is NO excuse of being an ignorant!

I say; whatewer respect I had for you before is now utterly drained down the washers.

I'm really, really mad at you!
You should be ashamed at yourself...

Tuesday, 23 October 2007 at 01:09:00 CEST


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