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Atlantic Osprey

The bulk ship "Atlantic Ospray" is right now sailing from Sweden to Sellafield, Great Brittain- loaded with nuclear disposal.

Apparently this has brought strong reactions from the Norwegian and Icelandic governments.

First of all; these two countrys are among the richest countrys in the world when it comes to natural energy resources. Norway has wast oilfields and Iceland has geothermic energy to be used in abundance. (It´s a little bit like the Danes, complaning over our nuclear powerstations- and when we shut them down, we are forced to import energy from Denmark who has really, really big oil and coal powerplants to deliver it! Yeah! That will do it for the invironment!

Second; the former Swedish social democratic government, with the greens, has made it impossible for Sweden to take care of our own nuclear disposals, because as it is right now- It´s forbidden to even think about solutions of end disposal!

The sheer stupidity of our politicians- and especially the greens, are mindboggeling!


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