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Betting boss arrested in Netherlands

The Swedish CEO of betting company Unibet has been arrested in the Netherlands on orders of French authorities.

Petter Nylander was on his way home to Britain when he was arrested for breaking laws protecting France's state gambling monopoly. He was detained by Dutch passport police on Monday evening as he was passing through a control at Amsterdam Schipol Airport.


Nylander was arrested under the controversial European Arrest Warrant, under which people accused of a crime in one country can be arrested in another country without a prima facie case having been established.

Unibet says the laws it is alleged to have broken are from the 19th century, and protect state companies from private competition. The company argues that France is ignoring European law. It says that a judgment from the European Court in March confirmed that European gaming monopolies breach EU law.


Now- I'm not a gambler myself, but I think that that state monopolys are bad. And if it gets to the extent as to arrest someone doing a perfectly legal buisness in another country, which by the way also is legal by EU comisson ruling, I get really, really.... Gnnaaaargh!

Freaking Frogs!


Blogger falcon_01 said...

How's that for sovreignty? I pray we never stoop that low, or EVERYONE is a target and a lawbreaker- ready to be scooped up to never be heard from again.
On the other hand, we should have the reciprocal right to arrest nearly everyone in the EU for underaged drinking, driving on the wrong side of the road, and pretty much anything else we wanted. After all, they don't have guns. bwahahaha.... I joke now, but the future looks dark indeed.

We've got a case in the U.S. where a Saudi billionare is suing an American for exposing his ties to terrorism... and he's using Britain's laws banning free speech

Tuesday, 23 October 2007 at 21:59:00 CEST


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