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Take command of your brain

The other day I picked up my son at preeschool. It's just a five hundred meters away from my flat so I took the bicykle. My son had got a new bike just a couple of weeks ago.

On the way home he managed to take a wrong turn twice and finally cykled out in front of an oncoming car in a crossection despite me yelling at him "Brake, BRAKE!".

That was it, I took him by the sleve of his jacket and said to him that"You have to listen to what I tell you!", he got scared (not anyway near as scared as I had been) and started sniffling. I thought that was enough, and we continued on.

When we came home he was allright and I thought we would have a little chat about what happened.

I asked him: "Why did you take the wrong turns? Don't you know where we live?"
He said: "Yes dad I know the way."
"Well then, why did you make them and why did you go in to the crossection even though I yelled at you to stop?"
"But dad. It's not so easy when you're brain does not do what you tell it to do!"

Ahh. He got an icecream.

Somehow this reminds me of islamists. I don't know why...


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