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When Gordon Brown offered me his hand I turned and walked away

BRITAIN'S highest decorated serving soldier REFUSED to shake Gordon Brown's hand in a protest at a state ceremony.
Brave Victoria Cross winner Johnson Beharry turned and walked off - incensed by what he sees as shabby treatment of the military by the PM.

The Iraq hero told The Sun last night: "I wanted to knock him out."

Lance Corporal Beharry, 30, said Mr Brown - who reacted by writing a personal letter to him last night - had repeatedly disrespected him, his uniform and the Armed Forces.

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Gordon Brown is a crackpot!


Blogger Early Light said...

Yep. Another crooked politician. Just like what we have on this side of the Atlantic. These guys send military personnel into conflict, and sell them out behind their backs. Clinton, Bush-43, Obama, Brown, Blair... I think Osama bin Laden has far more brains and far more integrity than the whole lot of them put together. Too bad Sheikh bin Laden is an asshole on the wrong side.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010 at 01:35:00 CEST


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