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The big environmental scam

I woke up very early this morning- my leg was troubeling me as usual. I went to look out the window of my sons room as I usually do when I try to compose. (I know it's sad- but it helps me...).

When I was standing there, I looked over the street where there are a waste sorting facility.
They have some 8-10 waist bins for different kinds of trash. One for uncoloured glass, one for coloured glass, one for paper, one for plastic waste, etc, etc.

People spend hours of sorting waste in the right manners.

Commendable and very invironmentably friedly! You think?

What I saw (but was not surprised about) was a trash truck driving up to the facility, loaded all the waist in the truck, compressed it and drove away.

And that is how it works!

As a dear friend said to me: "Everything can be burned- it's just a matter of temperature!"
So here we are, having several different waist binges, sorting our lifes away, for what?
Well, atleast my apartement is kind of warm!

And the green muppets just don't get it!


Blogger Mikael said...

A few years back I lived in an apartment building with two waste-sluts in the stairway. One for bio-degradable stuff an the other for metal cans and plastic, that kind of things. Needless to say, both types went into the same container in the basement.

Bizar thing is, you could actually get fined if you didn't sort your garbage! The authorities don't even need a court-order to enter your apartment to check you out.

You can kill your neighbor with an axe and still enjoy the full protection of being innocent until proven otherwise by a jury of your peers, but if you're under suspicion of putting a banana peel in the wrong bag, they can kick your door in just like that.

This greenie stuff have gone way beyond insanity.

Friday, 6 February 2009 at 19:13:00 CET


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