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My son was a grandmother...

...Or something like that.

The EU is spending 8 MKr ($ 1 milion) to promote for people buying more tulips!
Totally 14 MKr will be spent in the countries of Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

This is taxpayers money!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

If they can't sell the things, then let them DIE!

It's like the automotive industries here in Sweden. They just can't make any profit. SAAB and Volvo makes excellent cars- they just don't make the right models. The manufacturers were all too slow on hangin on the SUV train, and now neither of them have affordable models that are fuel efficient in times of crises.

Let them DIE!

Both makes are somewhat a national heritage and employs a lot of people. But they have been missmanaged for decades (not the least under GM and Ford management and ownership).

Let them DIE!

Start ower. If Skoda could do it, then we can!


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