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Blogquake over at HAX

HAX (you can find him in my blogroll) is normally a very intelligent and symphatic blogger/person who has done an enourmous job in trying to protect personal integrity (and in some cases- succeeded) about for instance IPRED, ACTA, TELECOM and FRA legislations.

He calls himself a liberal- which is the opposite of a liberal in USA- and are a starch supporter of free trade, movement of money and people, every much as I am.

But now...

Free movement of people for me, is the opportynity for people to move where ever they want, as long as they can support themselves and have no criminal track record or are associated with terrorism. That's a no brainer is it not?

HAX blog has been voted thrugh as "the most important political blog in Sweden" (even though he resides in Belgium). So, he has a lot of readers.
Strange enough, most of his quite short posts have very few comments on them. 5-10 usually.
But a couple of days ago he posted something that not only me but others thought were irony.

He demanded or suggested that Sweden should accept the 50 newly released prisoners from Gitmo. Now, that comments thread are closing in on 200 replies (and growing). Many of his readers (including me) could just not believe what he had written.

But HAX kept on insisting that the released prisoners should be let in to the country because "they had been freed from all charges". Naturally, this made a lot of people upset- among them me.

I asked some rethorical questions like:
Why have we any moral obligation to take in these people?
That they are freed from charges does not mean that they are innocent, what do you think of that?
OJ Simphson and Christer Pettersson (the suspect and most likely killer of Swedish PM Olof Palme) were also freed from charges- that does not mean that they were innocent. Would you have them living in your house?
Would it not be the sanest thing to do to repatriate these people to the country of origin or citizenship?
Do you know that as many as 40% of the earlier released prisoners later was taken in to custody or were killed on new terrorist charges?

Others were asking just about the same questions. What was his reply?

"I never knew that there were so many brown shirts and SD supporters reading my blog."

I replied: "I'm neither a brownshirt nor a SD supporter because I- like you- are not socialists!"

The otherwise very intelligent HAX had slipped in to the very wrong notion that a: All who broblematizes the immigration question ar nazis, and b: that those who does it are extreme right wingers and c: that we- the vast majority in the comments section were all crypto nazis. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Furthermore, the question stands: Why should we accept 50 people who have been under terrorist suspection?


Blogger JMK said...

"He (HAX) demanded or suggested that Sweden should accept the 50 newly released prisoners from Gitmo." (Pela)
That (accepting the Gitmo detainees) is NOT "supporting the free movement of people." As for them being "released from all charges," NO, they've been RELEASED, but NOT acquitted of all wrong-doing.

For the most part, these are people caught on battlefields in Afghanistan by coalition troops! They include people like bin Laden's driver.

I have the same issue with many Libertarians here in the U.S. as Libertarians support open borders or "free movement of people," BUT while that can and usually IS a positive in a free market society, in which to eat, one must first WORK or PRODUCE, it is a NET NEGATIVE in any socialistic or even contemporary Corporatist (government-regulated, highly taxed, welfare-based state) economy, as most of the West has right now.

Under current conditions, Europe and America's safety nets would become magnets for every scammer, scoundrel and deadbeat from all over the world. Societies that are highly taxed to support extensive safety nets and welfare systems DON'T attract motivated workers, they attract deadbeats, do-nothings and scammers.

You can't apply free market principles to Corporatist and Socialist systems in which they CANNOT work without some really bad results!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009 at 04:06:00 CET


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