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Government presents new labour immigration rules

Starting December 15th, 2008, it will be easier for non-EU citizens to come to Sweden to work, according to a new proposal put forward by the government on Monday.

The need for additional labour in Sweden is increasing, which has led the government to propose new rules governing labour migration.

Well it's about time we let skilled workers come here instead of -hmmm. Just letting anyone in.

The proposal also has the support of the Green Party. (!!!) Whut?

Usually the greens are so protectionistic/socialistic that... I just don't belive my eyes!


The basic conditions for being granted a work permit include an offer for a job which pays enough to support oneself. In addition, the terms of employment must be equal to or better than those set out in Swedish collective bargaining agreements or what passes for standard practice in a particular industry.

Ahhh- finally the clock is ticking. Yes, we need people that work- With emphasis on people that work! Sadly that is not the case today. A majority of the immigrants are muslims who refuse to assimilate (many times thanks to governmental "multicultural" policies.) If you do not assimilate to the Swedish society- it is going to be darned hard to get a job...


According to the proposal, asylum seekers who have their applications rejected, but have managed to establish themselves in Swedish labour market would be allowed to switch tracks and apply for a work permit instead.

This is just a no- brainer!

The Social Democrats are critical of the proposal to allow asylum seekers to “switch tracks” because they feel it will mix up grounds for asylum with labour immigration. In addition, they see a risk that questionable employers may use the new law to employee cheap labour.

Why don't I feel surprised? Under social democratic ruling, the rule was to let in as many immigrants as possible, no matter if they could contribute to Swedish society or not. Only about 5% of the immigrants today are permitted to stay on asulum grounds. All the while when we kept sending people back even if they could support themself- sometimes after decades in the country There are no grounds for asylum (except for in a few cases) for people from Baghdad or most parts of Somalia (I suppose there are a few persecuted Christians and intellectuals there left). WE HAVE TO CLOSE THE BORDER for those who can not support themself! Otherwise- come here. As a matter of fact, I like immigrants. I'm one myself...


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