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Swedish Police

Some people (on the left hand political scale) has been arguing over buying in new "less intimidating" police uniforms. They think the ones the police have today are "too military in it's
concept". I wonder what they had in mind? Pink scarves? The police should be intimidating!

Luckily enough the leftard proposition did not fall through. Instead the police put their money on This:


OOOhhh yeah. Now we are talking buisness!

But now we have to ask our selves a question. Why do the police need a vehicle like this? Could it be that there are certain areas in Swedish towns where the fire department needs police protection to enter? Where police patrols need another vehicle to guard over their own while they are dismounted? Areas where the few Swedes that are left dyes their hair black not to get harassed or raped? Areas where if a mother yells; "Muhammad! Come in and eat." 20 kids simultaniously sprints off to their respctive home?

Just wondering, that's all.


Blogger Flanders Fields said...

Police should not have these kinds of military equipment and training, Pela.

They shouldn't need them.

They wouldn't need them if the left stopped importing people who posed dangers to our own peoples and, instead, made the immigrants stay in those places which they seem to be so intent on recreating in our own countries.

With the politicians we have today in our Western countries, those police are more likely to be used against us rather than being used for our defense. I noticed that in Brussels last September. They don't have sensitivity training for abuses against their own countrymen - and that is where it is most needed.

If we want safety and to have no need for such equipment and training, we need new politicians who think differently from the ones we now have.

Saturday, 24 May 2008 at 12:14:00 CEST

Anonymous USpace said...

Wow, this vehicle is right out of the movies. Flanders is right, however if unfortunately some criminal monkey immigrants end up killing enough police in their riots or in some attacks that might wake them up to get permission to start going after the 'yooths'.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
let your police be attacked

Tuesday, 27 May 2008 at 08:11:00 CEST


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