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Aid again

Sweden are giving away 28 biljon SEK per year in aid (about $ 4.7 biljon I believe). That means that SIDA (the Swedish NGO that has responsibility to hand out the money) have to throw out 77 miljon SEK every day to some project or anothter.

700 miljons goes straight in to the administration.

Another 700 miljons goes to aid in Mosambique. Non of the money are accounted for, and I don't think more than pennys are thrown to the poor.

We also give away 400 miljons annually to Russia! This is a country with wast oil reserves and that has the third largest money reserve in the world! WTF?

Heck. We even give away aid to saudi arabia!!! (I know, I know. Using more than one exclamation mark is a sign of insanity. But I'm feeling mad as hell right now!!!)

The corruption, the malhandeling and the sheer stupidity inside SIDA are nothing less than scandalous! Enough is enough! Let my tax money do something better! Feed the old people in the nursing homes that right now has to settel with yoghurt and a sandwich for dinner some days (at a cost of 107 Kr a day). Give the money to the police and the military so we can get som rest and peace in this country. What the hell; Buy ice cream for the money and give it to all the school kids here.

Or better yet. Stop stealing my money! If I want to (and I do) I will give some of it to certain charities. But I do not- I repeat NOT! Want my money to go to NGO:s, corrupt governments and to oil- rich states... Shees...

Update. SIDA are a GO, NOT an NGO which really makes it much worse on an order of a magnitude. If the state has no controll over it's own GO:s, then what the heck are the government there for?


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