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The ten most atractive girls in the world

1: My girlfriend, cohab and the mother of my son. No photo- sorry. You have to take my word for what she is. A read head, with hair flowing to her ass. Big tits and a fiery temperament.
The love of my life!

2: My mother.
No no. Don't think any crazy stuff here.
She has been dead for 11 years now. But I just looked at some old pictures of her.
She was just beautiful!

3: Pamela Anderson:
Before she went under the knife.

4: The girl on the tram beside me yesterday wearing a bear- pussy (fur hat). She looked like a doll! Cutest thing you´ll ever see.
Probably a prostitute from the former eastern states...

5: Milla Jovovich
How ca a bad actor be so- attractive?

6: Greta Garbo
Nuff´said! She is an icon...

7: The girl who used to live in the next- next house, and used to sunbathe topless.
Imagine the exercise I got during hot summer days.

8: My neighbour.
She is not young. She has not got the body of a xxx. She is just... Her!
Love her.
If a zombie holocaust would happened; she's the first one I would drag out to safety after my family.

9: Jessica.

10: Some of the girls at my workplace. They are... WOOOF!


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