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I was'nt going to write about this at all.
It has all been covered by MSM- I thought.

In Gothenburgh at Wednedsday. Riots broke out over a girl- allededgebly- posting photographs of youngsters on instagram, calling them whores and such.

The poster is a (most probably muslim) Bosnian girl, who hang out hundreds of pictures on instagram of both Swedish and foreign boys and girls and accused them of being adulterers.

Some 500 "youths" gathered at central Gothenburgh. Smashed lampposts, cars and assaulted people standing by. 30 people were arrested.

And guess what?

Not one of them was blond and blue- eyed!

The funny thing is when you look at the videos of the crap.
All the "youths" are wearing Jeans, jackets, shoes and are filming with smartphones that I NEVER could afford! (Or rather- I could afford it- I'm just not that stupid!)

I just don't get this show of mentality of the MENA:s.
What's the point; if you are living in a seward?
How cool excactly is it to show off others taxpayers money?
I just can't get it!

They just have not got a bit of shame in their bodies!

It's like- My dearest pair of jeans is a pair of 501 Levi's bought in Dallas for $40. In Sweden they would cost $ 230.
That's luxury for me.

Theese kids weares designer jeans costing about $ 450 or more. Their down jackets cost's $770 or more and their shoes... I don't want to talk about it!

Thing is:
It's all payed by the taxpayers!

They look like kings but live like sewer rats...

I allmost forgot:

They also allways drive latest model year prmium grade BMW, Audis and Mercedes.
As a police detective called them, when speaking to me "Cocaine Sleads"!

A 17 year old boy has taken the blame for registering the Instagram account. Some sources say that he too are of a muslim persuation.


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