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Sea fishing

I like fishing. Generally it's about stream or wite water fishing. Sorry to say but where I live now, there are not any suitable streams to go fishing in.

I came home last night after a weekend at the west coast. We were a party of ten who had rented a fishing boat to go out to open sea, a type of fishing that I never had done before. Among them was my brother in law and a bunch of gyus from SAAB where he works.

Temperatures were quite high, the sun was shining but we had northly winds and as the currents goes in east westly direction there was quite high seas.

The night before my brother in law pulled out som pills because he had been sea sick at one time and was afraid that he was going to be it again. He offered me one but I kindly turned him down because I have never been seasick before, and I have ridden some pretty rough waters.

On the morning of departure, we of course forgot to take the frigging pills with us!

We went out pretty far. The boat bumped over the waves but we all felt ok and was looking forward to catch loads of Mackerel. After quite a while the boat stopped and we started to get the hooks wet. As soon as the boat stopped it started to roll, inconvinient but handeble. At first we did'nt get anything but some small Pollocks with just enough meat on themm to actually take home.

So we went to another place and so on and finally came to a spot where an old wreck was. My BIL was still feeling ok thankfully but instead I began to feel a bit queezy. Nothing to worry about I thought, I probably just need to rehydrate so I drank a bottle of water and felt a little bit better. I went on fishing. But then!

Out of a clear blue sky- I started vomiting over the railing. Might I say that the lunch I had eaten before tasted a lot better at the way down than the opposite... And that was that, only four hours after going out and with four more to go.

My lord! I have never ever been so miserable in my life. The whole world was spinning. I looked like Linda Blair in the Exorcist- head spinning and fountain vomiting- tears running down my cheeks. When we came back to the docks they had to lead me back to the car because it felt like the ground was rocking.

Well, I can try that again but the next time I will absolutely not forget the seasick pills. I will duct tape them to my forehead the night before...
An experince worth $110!


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