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Afghanis at work!

största opiumproducenten. Afghanistan har sedan 1996 varit världens största opiumproducent och i dag finns det mer opium än vad som efterfrågas på världsmarknaden. Foto: AP Foto: Noor Khan

Call it what you like.
It is still a doze.

The afghanistans- mostly- errggh- absolutely 100% muslims, makes their money from culturing poppies that over the traid tarin via Turkey becomes highly illeagle narcotics not only in Europe- but also in the USA.

In some really, really twisted way. The IFOR units in Afghanistan is there to protect their way of living.

See- we don't want talibans ruling. But on the other hand we get poppy fields.

I'm starting to wonder. Excactly how many afghan Nobel laruates are there?


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