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Obama- the hamster killer

This morning, my neighbour called me and asked if I could do her a favour.
Her son had a hamster that was getting old and was sick.

She asked me if I could get a look at the animal- and if needed "take care of buissness".

I went over to her house when everybody was at work or in school.
I found the hamster resting in it's tiny hamster house, laying still, panting, obviously sick.
I knew then that It's monent in life was over- the only thing left to do was to make as a painless walkover that I could manage.

I took it up in my hand- and then! In it's tiny hamster brain, something caught fire.
It was as if it understood that the grim reaper was coming.
It started to wriggle in my hand and sunk it's teehts as hard as it could in my thumb.
Luckily I wore gloves.

I swiftly knocked it on the head with the blunt edge of my knife.
Unconscious as it were, I put it in a plastic bag.

I pressed out all the air in the bag and watched as the hamster over some minutes tried fight for breath. Ever more slowly.

And then- It was gone...

Excactly what Obama is trying to do to USA!
And you voted him back to office for a second term!


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