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PJAK is the PKK's sister organization in Iran. The PKK is notoriously a Stalinist-nationalist organization that began its terror against the Turkish state 1984th The PKK is on the EU, the U.S. and Israel's list of terrorist organizations. Russia is a country that does not consider the organization as a terrorist organization.

The PKK has always been incredibly active in various Swedish parties. Party sympatisatörer found mainly in the Left, but sympatisatörer Also the Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party's Fredrik Malm is a person who often meet senior PKK members in Stockholm. One of these is Mehdi Zana who is Leyla Zana's ex-husband.

Socialdemokraten Carina HAG recently had an article published on Newsmill titled "Picture silent when Turkey is Islamist." Among other things, the following can be read:

"But since last spring, I have followed with great concern developments in Turkey and my concern was reinforced when I was there last week and met with NGOs and politically active women., The women I met in Diyarbakir said that the Prime Minister is a very conservative man with a patriarchal family values. "

The NGOs and "politically active women" who Hägg write about is the PKK NGOs and politikst active women. Please read the article as it is an excellent example of how Swedish politicians PKKs spreading propaganda among Swedes in Sweden.

In Turkey, Erdogan recently went out and criticized in particular the Scandinavian countries to ignore the PKK's terrorist activities. He said that countries like Sweden and Denmark not only ignores open to raising funds for the PKK (the example of life PKK bus who went around the country and collected large sums of money to fund PKKs terror in Turkey), but also for the organization kriminelal activity that brings in large sums. PKK control basically arms trade across Euroa. Heroin and people smuggling are other sources of income.

The PKK also has a political party called BDP. The party has 20 members in the Turkish Parliament. The party manifesto states that the party's social democratic. That is not the case. Several of the members are so-called "revolutionaries". The interesting thing about the PKK and the BDP is that you have managed the feat to mix Stalinism and nationalism. Meanwhile, several of PKKs most senior military ethnic Turks. Several of BDPS members are also Turks.

I have a lot of "insiders" of Evin Cetin, but I choose not to share with them. I have received death threats by the PKK and their threat takes you seriously, when the movement has executed at least 4 people in just Sweden since the 80s. However, it is noteworthy that Expressen choose to "bust" Evin. In Expressen part are / have been several krypo-liberal Kurds Sakine Madon. Sakine Madon parents are so-called "Turkish revolutionaries" that supports PKKs struggle for a so-called Marxist-Leninist PKK. Sakine however, is liberal, but through the years she has been in a very elegant way to spread the anti-Turkish and propane Kurdish propaganda in the Swedish media. Dilsa Demirbag hypocritical not that she supports the PKK. This despite the fact that she is a liberal. It all can be likened to that Folkpartoet supports the FARC guerrillas in Colombia despite being a terror movement that is communist.

When it comes Kurdo Baksi and other "publicly league Kurds" so avoids any PKK issue. It is quickly arrived to criticize Turkey when something comes up that you can sell to the Swedish public, but German as mice when the PKK bombing ciivla Turks and Kurds, massakerar soldiers and openly declare that they do not want a democratic Kurdistan without a Stalinist such that under PKKs control. A member of Baksi family was executed also by the PKK in the middle of the 80th century in northern Iraq.

Gere: Evin Cetins mother and father is Syrian Kurds. PKK represents perhaps between 25-30% of Turkey's Kurds even if you want to appear to represent ALL Kurds. What is the reason for this? According to me it depends on:

- The Kurds are a conservative Muslim people. To foist on them communism is simply not possible.

- The PKK began its terror campaign to exterminate Kurds. The movement was founded by the Turkish contra-guerrillas of the PKK as a facade crush the "Kurdish Left" in the '80s. The PKK has also executed thousands of members for various reasons.

- The Kurds do not want a Kurdistan and especially not a Stalinist one. Over 90% of Turkey's Kurds, that even those who vote for PKKs party BDP, do not want a Kurdistan. However, it calls for equality and their rights are guaranteed.

- As I wrote above, it consists more of PKKs leaders of ethnic Turks. There were those who, together with Ocalan (who is half Turkish) formed the PKK to run the Turkish military matters. The Kurds are aware of the PKK was formed by the Kemalist regime and distrust it. The PKK is also home to many crypto-Armenians and Alevis have a very starkat influence in the movement. The majority of Kurds are Sunni Kurds who fought for centuries against them Kurdish Alevis (Sakine Madon include alevit but it hides her). The fact that the Alevi Kurds are strong in PKK has led many conservative Sunni Kurds has distanced itself from the PKK. PKK leaders who are ethnic Turks are also Alevis, Turks, Alevis. The group has a very close relationship with the Alevis in the Turkish state and military.

The PKK is a Stalinist-nationalist movement behind the Kurdish issue (which is a question of democracy) conducts organized crime. When is a nationalist movement, you have to not only foment nationalism among the Kurds who constitute one base, but also Turkish nationalism. In the other camp are the military, the drug barons and nationalists who need Kurdish nationalism in order to maintain their influence. In other words, "alive" PKK in symbiosis with power factors in the country that at first glance appear as their opposites. But no, they have a partnership in the hidden and have always enjoyed it. Precisely for this reason, the PKK had never killed or even physically harmed a Turk in Europe. The number of killed Kurdish dissidents and Kurdish opponents is as a figure of over 40. For 1.5-2 years ago had killed a PKK member of Malmo. He embezzled or "careless" removed over 18 million. PKK member was asked to set up a telecom and transport but the money disappeared.

Kurdish PKK linked to murders and financial crimes in Sweden Http :/ / ...

When the PKK needs to keep the nationalism among its two million adherents (Note that the number of Kurds in Turkey is between 15-20 million, so it does not really represent the majority of Turkish Kurds) as estimated racist Turks and nationalist Turks. Such is the preservation of the base and that more Kurds are nationalistic. However despise it and have killed mainly in Turkey, such as the Kurds against the PKK or active in other Kurdish or Turkish parties. They seen as a major threat.

Baksi family is from the Kurdish city of Batman in eastern Turkey. A clan with many educated members. But the family was in Sweden before the PKK began its war 1984th Mahmut Baksi was the uncle of Kurdo Baksi. Lamia Baksi was the sister of Mahum Baksi and her fate is worth telling. Lamia Baksi is the first female immigrant who took a medical degree at Uppsala University in the early 80's. After graduation, she received orders from PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, then resided in Damascus, to kill a defector in Sweden. Lamia Baksi planned murder defectors and shot to death in 1985, or 86 if I remember wrong. After the murder she gathered mass of medical and hospital equipment that she sent to the PKK guerrillas in northern Iraq. After the murder, she left also Sweden to join the PKK. She later accused of being MUST agent - sent by the Swedish government to infiltrate and find out who killed Olof Palme. After a time, "arrested" her by one of the PKK leader Cemil Bayik on the orders of Ocalan. She was tortured and "confessed" that she was Swedish agent. Then she was executed. She has no grave. She is one of several thousand Kurds who Stalinists in the PKK executed.

I took part of Lamia Baksis fate in 2007 through a hostile Kurdish PKK nättidining. A PKK guerrilla who fought for the organization for over 10 years had written about her fate. He had defected and sought asylum in Germany. I translated scripture from Turkish to Swedish and then published it on my popular blog. It ended with the death threats, more threats were so serious that I chose to remove the blog and stop "monitoring" the PKK. Before I translated the scripture I also took contact with several former "PKK family." These families were among the first immigrant Kurds from Turkey after the military coup of 80's. They were dedicated PKK members or sympatisatörer but had chosen to distance themselves from the movement after the PKK executed two defectors in Uppsala and Stockholm. Lamia Baksi planned murder of defector in Uppsala. The killer is still in prison.

Now I ask you / you Baksi family who very well knows Lamia Baksis fate may harbor sympathies for the PKK? No sensible answer should be, but it's not real. I am a Kurd but detest "public Kurds" who more than happy to direct criticism against Turkey (and sometimes rightly so) but is completely silent when it comes to PKKs Stalinism and terror affecting mainly the Kurds. Baksi is one of them this cowardly flat Kurds who NEVER dared to criticize the PKK. Dilsa Demirbag and Sakine Madon are liberals, but in the "hidden" and behind a "liberal facade" to propagate one of the PKK at every opportunity. Fredrik Malm (Fp) hit senior PKK members.

As I wrote above, is to crush the PKK in 1-2 years. The Turkish military devour billions of the country's GDP, and it is strong. It is thanks to the military as the PKK has been able to exist in 30 years. Behind the conflict, the military has been able to maintain his power, individual soldiers received millions of dollars deposited into their foreign accounts if one accepted the Israeli, German as well as Russian arms purchases, the PKK and the military has been able to engage in drug trafficking, etc. Between 1990-2001, the black economy behind the conflict in eastern Turkey between the military and the PKK worth $ 100 billion / year.

Baksi avoid any PKK issue. Like any other social democratic or "liberal" politicians. But in a very intelligent and insidious way it is PKKs political line that it sells in with the Swedish public.

Claes Normark is a Social Democrat who openly sympathize and meet senior PKK members.

But I suspect Owls that Expressen right now "sitting there" Evin Cetin of collaborating with the PKK / PJAK. Expressen has long harbored PKK friendly liberals Dilsa D Sakine Madon, Fredrik Malm and his Kurdish wife Gulan Avci, whose father was a "revolutionary" in Turkey during the 70s.

Albanians funded KCK with heroin money during the 90s. Europe eyes closed. Europe ignores PKKs activities in Europe. This makes Sweden too, but after the killings in Uppsala and Stockholm was actually a "deal" with the Swedish government not to kill defectors or attack political opponents. Therefore, the killing of PKK member in Malmo (see link above) very remarkable.


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