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Western countries get dumber by the day


Helmuth Nyborg

Leading elites are blind to the consequences of low-IQ immigration
Differential fertility and the recent massive low-IQ migration from South to North explain why Europe and the US get dumber by the day. Yet, leading political and academic elites neither understand why, nor see the devastating consequences of this demographic transition.
It is not difficult to illustrate how modern democracy and welfare states came about, and why welfare and migration may destroy them again by making the world dumber.
A couple of recent scientific reports have illustrated how freezing winters might have weeded out the weak, the dumb, and the infirm migrants from the gene pool as they headed north after leaving Africa in prehistoric times.
According to British researcher Richard Lynn, low-IQ migrants tend to forget to save food for the winter and secure warm clothing and protective shelter, so they disappeared over time, leaving only the bright to cope in the cold. This selection pressure produced the IQ gradient we see today, with an African average IQ of 70 at the low end, and a north-east Asian IQ of 105 at the high end.

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