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The TV- Licence

The TV- Licence is something you have to pay here in Sweden if you own a TV- set that can acess Public Service Television (PST).
It does not matter if you actually watch the stations, or want them, it's enough if you can acess them.
And if you have a TV plugged in you have them no matter what!

For the first time in five years I actually watched a program yesterday at PST. It was a hockey game. The Swedes beat the Russians 4-3. I enjoyed it. My son also watches the kids shows on PST. So I pay up. A lot of people does not, even if they have a TV.

But this "licence" is nothing more than a disguised tax! And they want all people to pay it. So what did the braniacs at SVT come up with?

I get to that in a minute.

I have a friend, an old university buddy of mine. He does not own a TV set. Not out of spite but out of uninterrest. So he does not pay the licence.


Here's the genious part of SVT:s evil plan:

My friend owns a I- Phone, and a computer with internet acess. They both can get to material on the internet; and now SVT has descided to put out all their programs on the net, which means that he will still have to pay for the "TV- License" in the near future. It does not matter if he actually watches anything, it's enough that he got the means to do it.

So for not having to pay this tax, he has to chuck out his cellphone and close down his internet connection (theoretically- I smell some civil resistance around thte corner).
SVT believes that they will gross in another biljon SEK on this grand scam.



Blogger JMK said...

Here PBS and NPR and other government-run media is financed by taxpayer dollars...the amounts nebulous and not easy to find.

At least you have a specified target - the TV license. Public media proponents always use the SAME argument - "A lot of educational and uplifting programming wouldn't make it onto the commercial airwaves, if it weren't for public media."

All that proves is that there isn't much demand for such "educational" and "uplifting" programming. Maybe the people find the source suspect, in that every "uplifting" program seems to hail more government as the solution.

Such government-run stations should subsist on pay-per-view fees, and government bonds, where people willingly buy into such an endeavor, not mandated via the "Hitlerian scheme" of coerced participation.

Sunday, 8 February 2009 at 18:02:00 CET


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