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Well, after a lenghty period of abscence, I'm finally back. I have finally got a diagnosis and I will try to post more often again.

It turned out that I have torned some motor nerves in my back wich has left me with a paralyzed shoulder, a bunch of useless muscles in my back and ever diminishing ability to the use of my left arm. This is what you have to look forward to in USA if Obama ever gets the health care bill through. It's easier and faster to get a Doctor appointment in Albania than it is here in Sweden. They are talking of a muscle transplant as an erzats Rhomboideus muscle but first I'm scedueled for a MRI and a neuro [something, something] that I "most likely" will get inside of three months...

However- while I have been writing a lot in Swedish in the mean time, I have come to some solutions to my problem. I just need an arm chair, but it is tiresome and painful so we will se how much I will able to get on print.

Now I have a LOT of reading up to do. The past few months there has been mostly brick thick novellas in the bed and watching mindnumbing TV- shows laying on the couch.

You all behave now!


Blogger JMK said...

You're right about Obama-care, Pela.

My prayer is that one day the people of Scandinavia and the rest of Western Europe will throw off the shackles of this petty tyranny of semi-socialism and get their liberty/self-ownership back.

Your posts are all deserve a lot better.

Sunday, 31 January 2010 at 21:59:00 CET


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