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Sorry for the abscence

I have been fighting the Swedish socialised health care system for several months now. It's a nightmare. I don't get proper care and the insurance company (state owned of course) are giving me trouble.

At least I have an apointment at the orthoapedics next Tuesday. But I'm not holding my breath. I have had 4 appointments cancelled during the past four weeks.
They just send you around and around in the system, no one want's to actually give you the health care that you need, they just bill the taxpayers for me sitting in a waiting room for hours. All the while me being non productive!

I'm writing this with ONE working arm.

Well, atleast- I'm looking forwad to the coming weekend. My kid sister are getting married, and it will be a nice get to gether with many of my family members in Stockholm. I just wish that - as the doc so nicely put it- that I was not "disformed". HEH! It sounds like I'm some sort of a mutant...


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