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Fighting the system

OK, I was at the orthoaepedics yesterday. For once- I did not have to stay in the waiting room for hours, just a quick three minutes.

The doc said- and I quote- "I have never seen a mess like this!"

I said- "No shit!".

So now they are going to send me for an utrasound examination. But I don't know when. And the insurance company are giving me trouble. And then after that, there will be surgery.


Since I'm writing this with one arm and hand, this is all I can report about just now, but please go visit the bloggers in my sidebar.


Blogger JMK said...

Apparently, something similar is coming here to the USA!

Can't wait for all the dopes who think "free care" will also be "better care," find out the ugly truth.

Here, we're going to wind up with a a bare bones public option along with some form of enforcement mandating that all others purchase their own health insurance....the result will be much higher individual costs and much less care in return.

Sounds like a great deal!

I hope your travails come to a fast and very positive outcome. It seems ours here are just beginning.

Monday, 9 November 2009 at 18:13:00 CET


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