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The state of "Palestine"


Anonymous Nicolas Krebs said...

1 1947, United Nations

2 Green Line

3 Jerusalem

4 Nablus, Gaza, Hebron, Jericho

5 George Habash

6 Palestinian Arabic

7 There have been several Palestine before 1947, but today most of Palestinians are Muslim and Christian.

8 Israeli new sheqel.

9 Today 1 israeli new sheqel = 10.25 US$, 0.18 Euro, 0.16 £, 25 ¥

10 1967 Six-Day War won by israeli miltary forces

11 What are you talking about?

Saturday, 6 June 2009 at 16:24:00 CEST

Blogger pela68 said...

1: No there has never been a palestinian state. There never will be one if the "palestinian authorities" won't accept Israel as a souverigne state!

2: What are you talking about? The original borders for Israel consisted of not only what they have today but also of Judea and large parts of what now is known as Iraq, Syria, the southern parts of Turkey and all of the lands from the mid terrainen sea to the Jordan river.

3: You got that right. Jerusalem is the rightful capitol of the Israelis. How come then that it is 50% arabian?

4: All major Jewish cities- to begin with.

5: George Habash was not a "leader" for the palestinian people, on the grounds that "palestinian" people did not exist at all before 7/6 1967!

6: Nope, it was Hebrew for centuries before an arab (which of course is not arab but Assyrian language meaning a people of the desert- or people who MAKES land in to desert) ever set his foot on the land.

7: No there has not been any palestinians! There has never been a palestinian state, therefor there can hardly be any palestinians. HUH?

8: Hmm that sounds as a "palestinian" currency allright!

9: You just made my case!

10: As there are no and never have been any palestinian state- What are you talking about?

11: It's a simple question. Why did the "palestinians" never try to become indipendant until after the devestating defeat of invading arab states in the 1967 six day war?
It is as Walid Shoebat says;
"One day I was a Jordan arab, the next I was a "palestinian", we took the Jordan flag, stripped of one star of it and called it the "palestinian" flag."

So come again...

Friday, 12 June 2009 at 22:08:00 CEST


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