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The Gore

The newspapers here reports that we have had the "warmest April" -like for ever! Maybe the Gore is on to something?

Well it turns out that we have had a very warm April month. It turns out to be the four last days of the month that upped the average temperature to 0.3c more than the last "record" in 2001! Which in turn was 0.6c lower than the temperature of april in 1956.

My ancestors- the Vikings (I like to think of them as my ancestors even though I'm not completly sure about my heritage), cultivated wine yards in Sweden 1500 years ago with the help of a whopping 3c over the top average temperature of today! And that was with no CO2 emitting industry what so ever!

What was their secret?


As it turns out the month of April was not the warmest April- not by far. But it was the driest April in west and east Gothia since they started measuring. But that's a whole another thing.

Every fifth year or so, winds bl0ws mainly from the east, which means that we get dry and later in the summer, also warm weather. No one knows if it's the case here. Weather can be pretty unpredictible.

When winds comes in from the Atlantic ocean, on the other hand,- which it usually do, the climate gets colder and wetter.

The global average temperature sank by 0.5C during 2008. That's all the gain in temperature we have had since the turn of the 19:th century!

The Berings strait was unsailable the past winter for the first time in decades and a Canadian expedition team on the pack ice of the North Pole that was there to measure the global warming effects on the ice had to be air lifted out of there because it was too cold.

I'm not saying that this means that we are getting colder climate (or a new ice- age), but we are ceartainly due for it. To think that we humans has made even a slight dent in the climate of this 4 1/2 billion year old planet is - plane hubris.

Now I'm going to lit one really unnecessary lamp. THAT might save an ice bear or a lemming. What do I know? The climate resarchers, and abowe all, The Gore does not...


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