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Data retention

The document presents the Swedish Government's proposal for how to implement the EU directive on "Data Retention" — mandatory logging of people's electronic activities by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other telecommunications companies.

Media and human rights groups should have a particular interest in this legislation, since it makes it hard for sources to communicate safely, or, indeed, for journalists to research stories discreetly. In relation to sources, this legislation may be a violation of the Swedish Constitution's Freedom of the Press Act (Tryckfrihetsförordningen), which gives a right to source anonymity.

Our source states that "the Government have the intention to go public with the proposal first after the European Elections, to avoid the debate during the election campaign. This proposal should be up for debate now, as the election campaign is concerned with integrity issues. The purpose for this publication is to give the media and integrity activists a chance to raise the relevant questions in time."

The documents authenticity may be independently checked with the Swedish Ministry of Justice.
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What this means is that all our communication (email, SMS, phoning, filesharing, etc, etc) will be logged and saved for the future, may it have illegal contents or not. Even the location of mobile telephone calls being made will be logged.

This blogpost could be under leagal scrutiny because I don't link to Wikileaks- or not. Nobody relly knows were the boundaries are, but it could be anything in the future. It's only a legislation away.

Thank you very much for this (The accident) Tomas Bodström (former minister of justice for the social democratic government) for bringing this up on us. I will put a snail in your eye when I get the chance.
Holy crap! Now I'm really in the crappers!


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