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Buying a house

I have placed a bid for a house. It's a nice 1920:th house, quite small but ample for my needs. It also have a quite large "side building" and some 1000 sqare meters of real property. They want 850 K:s for it but I bid for 650 and I think I have a good chance to get it.

On the down side is thtat it has direct electrical heating (BRRR!) and that the yard is a slope.
On the up side is that it is relatively cheap and only 20 minutes of commuting away from the city.

(850 K:s = $ 106 000)

Hmm, could be something. What do you think?

The area is also very child friendly with some former NHL stars living in it. Only if I get it I really have to get me a car- bummer!

Also, there are a lot to work on- even if it is quite habitable as it is. I'm no Bill Gates even though I have some money stucked away. -And I hate the whole "car thingy".

And moreover you can't get more than 0.25 MB internet there as it is right now (oh, the horror!) and you need a satellite dish to get more than three TV channels (not really- you can get a digital box- but then you have to pay extra for everything).

And it has not got a cellar! But it has got a second floor with a wooden heated stove. And an earth cellar.

Nnnngh! Descisions, descisions, descisions...


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