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Valpurgis Night...

...or Vaborgsmässoafton. Shees, another year gone by. Having your birthday at this day is kind of cool. There are a national holiday the day after, so you can sleep in.

When I was a kid I could not believe all the kallabahooga that was made just because it was my birthday. Fireworks, bonfires and an endless party, flags being raised and what not. Only later I discovered that it was an aincent celebration for the official springtime and that it also were the kings birthday. Bummer!

Having birthdays were kind of cool- when you where a teenager (or younger), you got presents, you had something to look forward to (driving license, buying alcohole), but why do we celebrate 50- year olds for instance? It's like saying to them that "Now you only have one third of your life left- you bastard! See you in hell!

My sister messaged me and asked what I wanted for my birthday and I answered that I wanted Lego Star Wars for the XBOX360 or pants in size 116-128. Yupp; thats how low I have sinked... A couple of years ago I would have bought me an expensive whiskey and partyed all night long- now I think more of what I need for my son not to go to kindergarten in bad pants or with the right game to brag about.

My son asked me the other day- "Why are you getting older dad?"
I answered- "Every body gets older as time passes by."
He asked-"Why are you not wearing old folks clothes then?"

I think I have to take him out to the woods and teach him a lesson (c;