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Get in, get lost, get wellfare...

97%! of the asulym seekers does not have any papers of origin (passports or ID:s). At the same time there are some (projected) 250 000 false/fake passports or holders of Swedish passports here.

I believe that people should get shelter here in Sweden when needed. I'm also all for unrestricted immigration- as long as the immigrants can provide for themselves!

What I do not agree to is unlimited import of people, especially not from other cultures that does not comply with western values and basic human rights- I.E - Islamists, or to be harsh- muslims.

Muslims are very welcome- if they can provide for themselves- and IF they can assimilate. Sadly, too few of them do or can or want to.

I would not want an American or an Israelian or an central Europeian here if they don't assimilate. This is SWEDEN! Take it or leave it. With all the fermented herrings, our pagan traditions and a well placed boot up your arse, if you don't like it.

Nnnngh. Feeling a tat grumpy to night. Bear with me...


Blogger JMK said...

"This is SWEDEN! Take it or leave it." (Pela)

That SHOULD be national policy and it goes for ANY country.

When a person immigrates to another country with another culture they either adapt and assimilate and adopt that new culture and language as their own...or else return to the place that you left...if you like your "old culture" so much.

That's basic common sense Pela.

Too bad so few government officials seem to have any.

Thursday, 14 May 2009 at 20:23:00 CEST


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