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Tin foil hat time

Across the street of my home is a building, a very nice 1800:th one I might ad.

I had trouble sleeping- my knees was hurting- and I got out of bed and stood watching out of the window as I often do when I can't sleep. I don't do it so much for the wievs as I do it just for, well kind of meditating while composing (I know, it's sad).

Anyway, the old building across the street has a top floor where the lights are allways burning. This particular night (or morning) at around 3 am I noticed a covered truck driving over to the building. I thought that was odd at that time on a Sunday morning.

Nosy as I am, I went out "for some fresh air" and just "happened" to swing by the building. I looked at the name plates and they were all just ordinary Swedish names. One of the names- the one that was listed as the top floor owners was interresting. It was quite unusual albeit Swedish sounding, so I did an internet research and came up with the name connected to several apartments in the city.

Then I searched for mosques in the area, and what do you know- one was listed at precisely the adress at the building across the street.


Now! I can be completely wrong. I'm after all sleep deprived. The search engines are not fail safe so the mosque might or might not be located at that precise adress. It could be the one a block away- the one with covered windows and the very suspicious name (let's just say it has something like "international, borders and friends" in it.)

Dang! the stores don't open for another 3 1/2 hours and I'm out of tin foil. Wonder if a wet towel will do the trick?

But I'm still wondering. What was that truck unloading at that time in the morning?

Gah! Got to catch som Z:s...


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