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Hey everybody

Been away for a while. Done some surgery to my shoulder and when I came home I discovered that Blogger had suspended my account. In the mean time I have read a lot of blogs and taken part in political discourses at other (mainly Swedish) blogs. Some of it will end in a blogpost here.

But I am alive and kicking.

The main interresting things right now is ACTA, the Telecom Package, IPRED and the FRA legislation- all being propositions that will lessen individual freedom, in many cases run and proposed by industry lobbyists and [sigh]- France. What is it with these guys? Really? They laid down on their backs for the Germans during WW 2 and now crawls on all four for the record and movie industries.

I'm all for copyrights- someone doing something that some one else want's to take part of- should get paid for his or hers intellectual efforts. BUT! I also know that the industry are ripping off most of their artist (if not all). I have a friend playing in a much acclaimed rock band who after a whole summer of playing gigs atleast twice a week, was awarded 25 000 SEK ($ 3 100).

Check out one of their videos Chill Chill

Another fact is that some artists that have put up their music on the internet for free (without any record company involved) has made more money than they ever did when they were signed, like Stuck Mojo.

But first and foremost these legislations will reduce the freedom of the individuals. FREEDOM!
In a future the internet might turn in to cable TV where you have to pay for different kinds of content and are not allowed to access other.


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