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Reacently a man from Egypt that has permanent recidency in Sweden was discovered not being in Sweden at all. Apparently he is "somewhere" in Cairo city.

I have no idea what the original grounds was for him to get PR. He eledgibly was 100% handicapped, forced to a life in a wheelchair and supposidely had 4-5 assistance workers to aid him in his daily life- poor man. On what possible grounds was this man let in to the country in the first place?

Over the past three past years the man has been admitted $ 1.25 miljon for assitance (which on the payroll sheets only was listed as names and date of births).

A check out by the social security service discovered an empty apartement seemingly non vacated with the wheelchair left behind. Now Cairo is not exactly handicapped friendly is it? The water locks was empty and very little electricity had been used for over a year. (It is very possible that someone or several other people had been living there over time earlier.)

Talk about happily dancing all the way to the bankoffice!

As the mean income for an Egyptian is $4500 annually, this guy has made it BIG TIME, all on the Swedish taxpayers expence.
The social service only audit every three years and it would not have been entirely impossible that they would have missed out of this one (as they have a record for) and that would have ment another + $ 1.25 miljon down the drain over the coming three years...

This is not the only case! There are many, many others. People that have never or hardly ever paid any taxes in Sweden that gets social security from the Swedish state, now living in their original countries. They even brag about it on different internet forums.

Meanwhile, pensioneres in elderly homes have their food rationed.

I had an accident a while ago. After 7 months I still have not got any treatment AT ALL despite having nerve damages to my spine, which has left me with a paralyzed shoulder and "funny legs". In the mean time my monthly income from the social security service has been $495. I kid you not!

So, dear Americans; that is what you can look forward to with Obamacare...

Also read this over at Every kinda people (Google translated).


Blogger Early Light said...

That's what socialism is all about: preferred treatment for the in-crowd, and a gulag for regular guy. It would be tempting to laugh at this, except that, as you point out, with Obama in the White House, we might not be that far behind you.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010 at 21:54:00 CET

Blogger JMK said...

This is the current-day cancer of the West....not just Sweden's or England's, but America's too.

In the USA the judicial theory of "disparate impact" has been used to to create the subprime mortgage crisis and the subsequent global credit crash - the U.S. government told banks that their traditional lending criteria had "a disproportionate impact on the poor."

That's exactly what those traditional lending criteria/standards are supposed to do, because the poor, by definition, don't have the means to pay such loans back!

"Disparate impact" is also used to give preferences to "protected (minority) groups," very similar to your government's preferential treatment of groups like the Somalis. The common theme in both instances is that white Europeans are being made 2nd class citizens in their own countries!

America has its own fight on this score and hopefully the energy generated by some of the more outrageous policies of the current administration will move that forward, but England, Germany, Sweden and the rest of Europe must have their own fight as well. Geert Wilders is right and he seems like a man worth rallying behind. We could use some Geert Wilders here, as well.

This is a global fight against universal slavery to a rogue state.

Thursday, 25 March 2010 at 03:55:00 CET


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