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Unions slam fees for foreign students

Klas-Herman Lundgren at the Swedish National Union of Students (Sveriges Förenade Studentkårer, SFS) argued that the government should be allocating more resources if it wants to improve the quality of education on offer at Swedish seats of learning.

"The government should take its responsibility for further education. Introducing fees will only harm the internationalisation of Sweden's universities, and do nothing for quality," he told The Local on Friday.

Lundgren pointed to the example of Denmark, which experienced a dramatic decline in the numbers of international students after introducing fees, and warned that students will look elsewhere.


Why should the Swedish taxpayers pay for up to SEK 8 000 000 for an edjucation for foreign students? People that almost never take recidency in the country! Why do we WANT these foreign students?

Beats me. You tell me...



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