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Morgan Freeman- Respect

Morgan Freeman on race and black history month (video 0.55 m).


What is a minority? I belong to a minority group with both my parents born outside of Sweden. Heck, in statistics I don't even count as an indigenous Swede allthough I'm born here and have lived all my life here and have had Swedish citizenship since my birth, I am counted as an immigrant.

Does a black history month sound like a good idea? No! As little as a Finnish Russian month would be for me (or where ever my fathers kin comes from originally. I have heard that they originally were from the southern part of former Soviet Union. Ahh and come to think of it- my mothers ancestors were French- bastards).

I'm also a Laplander. I was born in Lapland and have lived there for the absolute majority of my life. That makes me belong to yet another minority group! And when I lived in Lapland, I was probably the only one that never owned a snowmobile.

Where can I complain? I want my god given snowmobile!


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