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The new Sweden

"The school has started. But not for Hampus, seven years old. He would have been the only Swedish child in the F1- class at the Gustaf Hellström school. Unacceptable, thinks his family and keeps him at home.

Last fall Hampus and his mother Anna Nilsson moved from Knislinge to Österäng. He started in a F2 class and at the beginning he had a couple of Swedish friends there but they moved away. Hampus was left alone as the only Swedish kid in school, and he (vantrivdes- no real translation for this word) -did not like it.

At the breakes all the other children spoke in their native language and Hampus never got into the play games.

- I don't want to be there because no one will play with me. I just run around in circels and gets panicked, Hampus says."

From Kristianstadsbladet. My translation, everything wrong is my fault. Hat tip to Fröken Sverige.


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