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Sen. Inhofe Calls for Inquiry Into 'Suppressed' Climate Change Report

A top Republican senator has ordered an investigation into the Environmental Protection Agency's alleged suppression of a report that questioned the science behind global warming.

The 98-page report, co-authored by EPA analyst Alan Carlin, pushed back on the prospect of regulating gases like carbon dioxide as a way to reduce global warming. Carlin's report argued that the information the EPA was using was out of date, and that even as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have increased, global temperatures have declined.

"He came out with the truth. They don't want the truth at the EPA," Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla, a global warming skeptic, told FOX News, saying he's ordered an investigation. "We're going to expose it."

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Isn't it remarkable that global warmers like the Gore (pun intended) insists on that it is CO2 that is behind climate shifts? When every reasonable explenation is that it is the level of sun radiation influx that's the answer! Only last year global temperatures sank with half a degree Celcius which is exactly how much global temperatures rised since 1940. This when the life essential CO2 level is at it's highests since... Like the beginning of the last ice age. Err!


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