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The first day off...

... for like ages. And I can't sleep.
So what has happened meanwhile?
Well Wacko Jacko has kicked the bucket and while I never have been a big fan of him, it's still sad in some way. He was only 50 after all.

The summer has finally hit us here. Tomorrow they have promised temperatures around 30 C so I will take my son out for a swim, expose my chalk white body to some rays other than that from a computer screen and later on roast som parts of a pig on the balcony.

What about Iran? It's like- Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I mean, the guy who lost (the obviously rigged election) is no better than allaballahsvineoijihad- at all!

My plants on the balcony has got Aphids. Anybody know what to do with them other than with poison?

My father gave me a rare call yesterday, congratulating my son on his birthday (which was 04/2) and no, he is not senile, just ignorant. When I met him last- he lives in another country- he actually thought that my birthday was 04/02... Just a month off the spot! HEH!

Well my friends. I have got some serious reading to catch up with and then I will do some serious posts in a couple of days. See ya when I see ya...


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