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Off the road

Been on the road for a while. Came home yesterday evening.

So today is the big election day. I have had my doubts, but it looks like it will be the Pirate Party after all. I might regret it in hindsight, but the other alternatives are just not on the map for me.

Why can't there be one political party out there that is true libertarians/conservatives?

I'm pro choise (within reasonable limits).
I'm pro free movement of capital.
I'm pro individual freedom of speach and all other individual freedoms we enjoy today.
I'm pro free movement of individuals (as long as they can provide for themselves).

But I'm against importing people without edjucation who in most cases also are analphabets.
I'm against protectionism.
I'm against the EU as it is today with all it's corruption.
I'm against all the facsist groups that ironically calls theselves "anti-fascist".

And there is not one single party out there today that meets my demands!

I think I'm going to have nightmares over this in the future, but it still will be PP in the end.



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