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The Pirate Party- again

I have had serious considerations of voting for the PP in the upcoming elections for the EU parliment.

They are strong advocates for individual freedom, mainly when it comes to questions of the internet and other means of communication. They are against governmental surveilance and tapping of information of individuals may it be ACTA, FRA, IPRED and the TELECOM legislation, legislations that would mean that every form of electronic communication would be survieled and saved, might that be your internet communication (of every imaginable sort) or your telephone traffic (they will even track your where abouts when making a cell phone call- every time- even without suspicion of crime). Then we of course have the HADOPI legislation (French idea-DUH!), which could get you banned from the internet for three strikes of downloading copyrighted material (goodbye Youtube, Google, Yahoo e t c).


Their top names are nothing like the ones that I would like to represent me in the parliment. As I have written before:

One of them want's unlimited immigration and the Swedish taxpayers are supposed to pay for the immigrants coming here.

Another one thinks that there should be an unlimited abortion law (wonder if that means that you can have post birth abortions?)

A third has close connections to AFA (ANTIFA) and has woved to donate her parlimentary salary to ATTAC. (For those of you not being Europeians, these are all anti democratic, fascist organisations who strangely enough calls themselves anti fascist!)

And there is more. Lots more!

By god. Is it not one single party out there that has all the bricks together?

It looks more and more likely that I will stay home on sunday catching some Z:s instead of going voting


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