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I have earlier blogged about Sida and have wrongfully adressed the organisation as a NGO. I'm sorry for my mistake.

Sida (sometimes SIDA but not officially spelled with capital letters) is a Swedish governmental agency that answers to the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Sida is an acronym for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (or in Swedish Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete).

Sida is responsible for the bulk of Sweden's aid to developing countries.

They are the ones responsible for sending "aid" money to countrys like Russia, who has the second largest capital reserve in the world. To the space nation China and to various other crooked states and dictatorships.

SIDA has to spend a 100 million ($16.7 million) every day on "projects".

Now it has been revieled that Sida are the one government organisation that spends the most on representation. Every Sida personel spends on average 8000Kr anually ($1231) on representation! I have discovered that there are some+ 625 people emplyed by Sida, that equals some 5 000 000Kr ($769 230).

This is tax money! My tax money! If they can't do anything usefull with it- I wan't it back!


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