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Just came back from the orthopediac clinic- they did not tell me anything that I did not allready know.
The doc said to me; "You have a ruptured Baker's cyst".
I was like "Err, yeah- that's what I'm here for!"

That cost me $42. I will have to go back "sometimes in the future" for a MRI scan- which equals- another $42. After that operation, rehab and so on, and so on.

Luckily I wont have to pay anything more after the $130 limit. Exept for the 5 000 bucks I pay anually in taxes and the cost for medicine (not much- but still).

I'm also on sickleave for the coming 14 days- which means that I will only get 80% of my salary.

Don't ever, ever get sick in a country with "free" healthcare!

Michael Moore- come here! I want to have a word with you!

ARRRGH! Now I'm on crutches too. I hate those bastards (the crutches)...


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