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More EU Madness

The Italian province Calabria gets regional support from the EU. The reason is that Calabria are concidered a poor region.

Now Calabria has descided to use 17 miljon krowns (roughly $2.6 miljon) of that money to sponsor the Italian national soccer team.

Some of that money comes from me! I'm a taxpayer. I do not want to pay taxes to sponsor another countrys soccer team!

Those 17 miljons should emediatly be retracted and paid back to the taxpayers if Calabria can't find more important use of them.

Hat tip to HAX


Blogger JMK said...

When I was about eight my father taught me a very good lesson.

He gave me a bike for my birthday. Being a spoiled kid, unlike my Depression-era, WW II vet father, I said something like, "Awwww, I WANTED a 10-speed bike (my Dad had bought me a 3-speed Schwinn). He looked at me with deep disappointment and said, "You want a 10-speed bike?

I nooded.

"Good, he said, then use some of the money you earn working at your grandfather's store and do some extra chores around here and earn the money to buy it yourself."

I looked at him confused...I mean, it was my birthday and...I couldn't figure out how to say "Why," I really didn't know what to say, but he could see the confusion on my face and added, "No one respects anything they didn't work for."

I suppose my brattiness, like Calabria's served to reinforce my father's lesson.

Monday, 13 October 2008 at 02:50:00 CEST


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