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Barrels of money

Talk about a failed state!
Zimbawe now has an inflation rate of 531 billion percent - that´s right, 531,000,000,000%.
And this is a state who Sida is giving aid to generously (I,m not sure how much, but probably 100-140 miljon SEK). At the mean time, the lunatic Mugabe surley are not eating... WEll whatever the general people of Zimbawe eats- that is when they can find anything to buy on the store shelves in the country- he looks more like a lobster and champagne guy to me.
This used to be one of the richests countries in Africa before Mugabe and state socialism.

But it is probably the "imperialistic" wests fault.

In a way it is.


In a couple of months the government there would crumble to pieces.
Yes. It would probably take a while, and in the mean time be painful. But then with a little luck the people of Zimbawe would not have to take a wheel barrow full with money to the store to buy that loaf of bread that might or might not be avalible for purchase.

But on the other hand, some other crooked guy would probably take over that we would keep pouring money over...

And the people of Zimbawe will be kept starving while the leftards in the west keeps cheering along.


Blogger JMK said...

I've come to the conclusion that Leftism is really just a polite term for "economically retarded."

I try to tell every Leftist I meet, especially those who argue that "markets just aren't fair," that "Hey! I wish it would rain rootbeer too, but sadly wishing doesn't change reality."

Saturday, 11 October 2008 at 20:13:00 CEST


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