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The Assyrians of Södertälje

Here is a very thought provocing article from GOV.

Fjordman also vrites in the comments section the following:

"Meanwhile, mass immigration continues at full speed. Miljöpartiet de Gröna, the Swedish Green Party, want a "world citizenship" to replace national citizenships, they want totally free migration on an international basis, global taxes and a strengthened United Nations to ensure a just world order.

They also have a strong focus on anti-discrimination and racism, and desire harsh and swift penalties against "discrimination" (yet apparently soft penalties for many other crimes). They want "religiously neutral" holidays (no Christmas or Easter) and education against racism and discrimination to be taught in schools. No "bigotry" against any group of people (except whites, and white men in particular, presumably) will be allowed, and all forms of bigotry ("hets mot folkgrupp") should be banned by law regardless of where it is voiced. Among the forms of racism they specify that should be aggressively stamped out is "Islamophobia."

However, since they are realistic people, they understand that all forms of racism on a global basis cannot be stamped out until we have completely dismantled the current "racist world order" and replace it with a new and just world order where none suffer and the poor are no longer exploited by the capitalist system.

They state explicitly that the very concepts male and female are 100% "socially constructed" and forced upon all human beings. In order to reach this new world order of social justice, it is paramount that all artificial identities are broken down. This should be facilitated by the education system and specially trained teachers catering to children from a young age.

The Green Party believe that "all human beings" should be free to choose whatever name they desire. By this they seem to mean not only names, but also "gender." They want absolutely everything to be "gender neutral," not only marriage ceremonies but identity cards.

I assume this means that I should be able to pick a female name on my identity card and that the state is oppressing me if it doesn't allow this. Since such artificial labels contribute to the exploitative world order of poverty and global warming, one must assume that people will starve in the Sudan if I cannot call myself "Mary" or "Christine" on my driver's license."

Indeed; The greens in Sweden are schizofrenic. They are represented by my ex high school teatcher Peter Eriksson. Sporting a beard (naturally), going around in eco-clothes (like that makes any better eco- imprint!) and drives a 10 year old gas-guzzeling SUV! He is the mastermind of Botniabanan- a multi biljon single track railroad project between Ångermanälven (Ångerman River) and Umeå that nobody wants or need, at the same time he for some reason opposes high speed train tracks to be built between Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. He just don't realize that money equals energy spent. Making things expensier only means that more energy will have to be spent if we want to keep our living standards and then we will pollute the environment even more.

But of course it is easy to promote for higher petrol prices and city tolls when you your self does not have to pay for them, and also are lifting a handsom govermental salary.

Sorry for being extra- grumpy. I woke up at 03.50 AM. My leg hurts and I can't sleep and I have to crutch my way to the witness stand later on this day. It's not one of my best days so to speak...


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