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Travels part III

The travel agency girl explained to me that after arrawing at their office in Heraklion, they would arrange for a cab fair to Chania. But on arriwal, they discovered that the bus driver lived in Chania, and because it was the end of his shift he was going there anyways- so I had the "fortune" being a lone passanger in the bus for several hours. At this time my journey had been allready going on for about 36 hours and I only had had one hour of sleep. He (the busdriver) was a nice fellow though, he even bought me some orange juice at a gas station when we had to refill the bus.

But! At last I arriwed at the hotel in the outskirts of Chania. I met up with my sister (wh0 gave me a bear hug) and with my brother in law.

We had specified a two room apartement with an extra bed. And shure enough- that was what we got. Only thing that the second room was the kitchen. And the extra bed was a 170 centimeter long concrete sofa molded in to the kitchen wall. Me being 186 cm in lenght... Well let's just say that the two weeks we spent there put some serious strain on my limbs.

After only having had airplane food for nearly two days, I was famined. So we descided to go in to Chania city for some dinner. Here is the braniacs in motion! Remember that I told you that my brother in law walked the two kilometers to the travel agensys office? In Sweden, taking a cab fair is very expensive (as everything else). We only later found out that the fair in chania only costed about $ 2.50 for going about two kilometers! "TOCK" is the sound of my hand slapping on to my forehead!

Anyway; we descided to walk in to the city center. We never even got near it and ended up at an restaurant a kilometer from the city center, were I was served a (litterally) bloody chicken.

To be continued...


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