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Cloudy sky

What a hoax!

The global temperature during 2007 has been 0.5 C lower than during the past 15 years. I can vouche for that! It was a bloody miserable summer last year...

Still braniachs like Gore and his likes (I refrain from doing the obvious pun here) are making millions on hysteric doomsdays messages with no anchorship in science what so ever!

Remeber that only 15 years ago the very same loonies with an open purse said that a new ice age was coming.

What the environmental (that's a pun) nut jobs doe not realise is that through the history of earth we've not only had much warmer periods, but also that warmer periods superceeds rize in athmospheric levels of CO2 and temperatures decline before CO2 levels does!

Grape Vine was cultured here in Sweden a thousand years ago, and mysteriously the ice bears have lived through the warmer periods aswell as ice agaes during the past 100 000 years or so.

The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of cooling occurring after a warmer era known as the Medieval climate optimum. Climatologists and historians find it difficult to agree on either the start or end dates of this period. Some confine the Little Ice Age to approximately the 16th century to the mid 19th century. It is generally agreed that there were three minima, beginning about 1650, about 1770, and 1850, each separated by slight warming intervals.

The Swedish army was able to walk over Ă–resund (the sea that's between Sweden and Denmark). Only a hundred years later (1950th:s) we had the warmest summers known in modern time- maybe for the exception of the early 21:th century.

Today we have had a blizzard (well- not really by MY standards. By sweet frikking Jesus! People tend to have road accidents and drive off the road when there are half an inch of snow that has fallen! Back home people would not even have picked in the sun chairs in to storage...) here in the south of Sweden, we've allready had a couple of months of spring with sprouting leafs, flowers blooming and Cantharellus mushrooms growing. In China and India they have had the coldest winters ever recorded. Eastern USA have been cold while we in northern Europe have had the warmest winter for a century- in spite of the snow/slush that fell down today. Yesterday the weatherman on the news said- backed up by supercomputers and the brightest minds in metherology that we can munster here, that it would be a clear day! How then can Gore or ANY other alarmist tell us what the climate will be in a 100 years? A thousand years?

Glad I'm going here in a couple of weeks...


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